Nov 03, 2020

Benefits of having Registered Auditors

Benefits of having Registered Auditors: It is essential today to understand the financial numbers of the business. These financial numbers can be obtained by performing audits in a company. An audit helps to find out various loopholes of the company through a thorough inspection of the book of accounts. Registered Auditor A person or group...

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Oct 28, 2020

How Does Online Accounting Saves Time?

Accounting is a critical factor for the business. Having the touch of IT can enhance the speed and accuracy of computations and enhance its flexibility to change and safe storage of information. Web hosting off-site or called the cloud, is the latest with accounting applications. Let us know more about what Cloud Accounting is, Cloud...

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Oct 26, 2020

Accounting Challenges Faced by Corporates

Accounting Challenges Faced by Corporates: All Corporates are faced with many challenges due to their peculiar nature. The survival of Corporates depends on effective communication of its accounting language. For this reason, it is important to face and adequately prepare them so that the effort will yield positive results. The following are some of the...

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Oct 08, 2020

How to Claim VAT Refund in UAE for Business

VAT return by an individual entrepreneur - Is it possible? An individual entrepreneur can be exempted from paying a multitude of taxes by applying special tax regimes. There are certain instances too when individual entrepreneurs too are expected to pay VAT. The article below helps you with details like how to draw up and calculate...

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