Other Services

Organisations may require external support on various fronts. Beyond numbers recognises this need and extend a variety of support service to our client organisations. We offer a broad range of services such as finance solutions, business setups, HR consulting and recruitment, offshore company formation, financial analysis and project finance. At different stages of doing business, these services play a pivotal role in achieving desired results. At Beyond Numbers we apply our long-established experience, professional skills and global reach to achieve the desired results with optimality.

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Corporate Finance Solutions

Finance is a major consideration for companies, as it cash flow is one of the defining success factors for businesses. Balancing the inflow and outflow of funds requires prudence and expertise, and you can be assured of that when you work with Beyond Numbers. We provide tailor-made, innovative and customised financing solutions to the businesses in the UAE. This includes delivery of effective and structured finance solutions, financial advice and assessment, fundraising activities, disposal or restructuring to realise value and efficient balance sheet funding. Our corporate finance division provides businesses with a single point of access to capital and commercial products as well as finance options. We provide integrated and reliable financing solutions for both established corporate houses and SMEs. Our experience in the finance field and industry knowledge allow us to help you with all your requirements in this key area of business.

Business Set Up

Beyond Numbers help firms and entrepreneurs to establish their company via UAE company registration, incorporation and legal consulting services. We help you to receive the right business license to set up operations in accordance with the UAE laws. This would include various licensing options for the mainland, free zones and offshore company in UAE.

Additionally, our team of experts ensure banking, visa, legal, licensing and other documentation formalities are met with ease, as per the UAE laws. We have a team of experienced professionals who guide you through your company formation procedures in cost-effective, efficient and timely manner – keeping your business objectives at the core of our operations. We also take care of the negotiations with the local stakeholders.

HR Consulting and Recruitment

To gain a competitive edge in the global business race, organisations need to achieve human resource practice with refinement and precision. This is where the role of HR consulting and recruitment service organisations comes into picture. They fulfill human resource requirements while addressing several challenges including global expansion, talent pool management, performance management and analytics and organisational development. Beyond Numbers, with its roots firmly grounded in this field ensures a business stays ahead in the global race with the perfect integration of human resources.

Going further, Beyond Numbers helps in integrating the human resources while striving to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes and focusing on core business operations. We provide businesses with a single-resource, cost-effective services which help them to find the best-fit candidates at minimal cost. We leverage our expertise and experience in identifying the evolving trends in the HR and recruitment space which adds to creativity, innovation and efficiency in the business organisations. Our exclusive HR and recruitment services ensure that your business receives the right solution at the right time that serves the right cause.

Regular Accounts Updating with VAT Implementation

Budgeting - Accounting Services By Beyond Numbers

Freezone/Offshore Company Formation

Precise entry-level strategy is the basic requirement for any new business. Planning it right at the beginning is very crucial to proceed smoothly. One can register their business under mainland, freezone or offshore jurisdictions, depending on the flexibility and operations desired by the company. Each of these registrations holds certain benefits and limitations. Beyond Numbers can help you with the right entry strategy in UAE market.

At Beyond Numbers we help you to get the right license for your company formation. We also guide you to structure your business proficiently by securing Limited Liability for Corporate Directors. Further, we provide complete confidentiality including the information on directors and shareholders.

Financial Analysis

Long-term business growth requires financial experts who can properly analyse and evaluate a business in order to determine its profitability, liabilities, strengths and future earning potential. Financial analysis conducted by Beyond Numbers helps in understanding whether a business is stable, liquid, solvent or profitable enough to justify a monetary investment. While conducting the in-depth analysis, we focus on all the key elements viz. income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. The analysis and the insights there, can be used to make optimum business decisions. It can be leveraged to structure financial policy, develop long-term business plans, identify projects and companies for investment and evaluate economic trends.

Budgeting - Accounting Services By Beyond Numbers

Project Finance

To accomplish a project successfully, businesses need money to finance key projects. Financing of projects is based upon its financial structure, where the debt and equity are paid back from the cash flow to ensure generation of profit from the project. Adhering to the fact, Beyond Numbers offer project financing services for a wide range of small and big projects in the industry. Businesses can finance their project using two ways: corporate financing and project financing.

In case of corporate financing the sponsors use all the assets and cash flows from the existing firm in order to guarantee the extended credit provided by the creditors. This ensures that if the project fails, the assets and cash flows can be used to repay the debt to the creditors.

Project financing is a technique where the new project and the existing firms operate separately. So in case the new project fails to achieve success, lenders will not be able to claim the debt repayment from the asset and cash flow in the firm.

In this context, Beyond Numbers acts as an interface that helps in getting the right deal structured and negotiated for the client.

ERP Project Implementation

Beyond Numbers understand the fact that not every business can be an accounting expert. That is where Beyond Numbers can help. We offer fast and effective ERP implementation service and aim at optimising and automating the business functionalities. With an expert knowledge Beyond Numbers offer high quality and on time implementation services. The basic motto is to get time on your side. Our ERP Implementation team who visits at client sites are trained not only for the technical aspects of ERP Implementations but are also skilled to provide operational training. We make sure that our client is comfortable with the functioning of ERP. The ERP Implementation team maintains pace during the learning of the staff and helps them in all possible ways to become friendly with the ERP working.