Bookkeeping Services Dubai

We are a significant enterprise which comprises of chartered accountants and Tax/VAT advisers who support high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and progressing businesses in the UAE.

We at Beyond Numbers provide you with numerous in-house accounting services so that you can focus entirely on developing and managing your businesses. Our service includes outsourced monthly bookkeeping services which provide you with accurate and up-to-date accounting records for different kinds of businesses. This helps you avoid any penalties related to non-complying with UAE VAT Law.

It is necessary for today’s scenario that every owner should keep track of their company’s finances which helps them harness these data to boost their trade performances.

Our team has got years of accounting expertise, which we inculcate to your advantage, which adds real value to your business transactions.

In order to ensure minimized risks and reduced costs, you can always opt for our outsourced bookkeeping service and we also bookkeeping services for small business. The added advantage is that you are freeing up your employees from the administrative burden and tuning them onto something productive .


It is always better to consult an audit firm as the organization is required to follow all terms of the tax law. This helps minimize the penalty from the FTA.
IT management goals recount directly to the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data along with the accounting software management.
We gather evidence of manufacturing and retail-based business which represents an immense balance of capital or assets.

How do we serve as Accountants & Bookkeepers in Dubai

We maintain and manage the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Trial balance for your company
Creating a general ledger and also maintaining the list of receivables and payables for your organization.
You will have all your books ready and in place, every day, not by the end of the month.
We record your day to day dynamics and real-time balance from all connected banks. Hence, anything you sell or buy today goes into tomorrow’s report.
Our audit-trained accountants will be in charge of your accounts. We ensure that the reports are audit-ready with necessary schedules.



Before recording any transaction, we analyze each of them to determine the different types of assets and liabilities and also how it affects your equity.

It is necessary to record every transaction of yours as not recording could significantly affect the financial statements.
Transferring of entries from the journal into the accounts in the ledger is what it means by posting. The classifying phase of accounting is posting.
Financial statements are an integral part of the business; without it, you may not be able to secure loans, plan expenses, or sell your business.
Trial balance, a listing in the ledger, records the debit and credit balances; this helps in determining whether the debits equal credits
Account analysis is a complex area and hence involves a deeper understanding of both the company and the data.