A Quick User Guide to QuickBook Accounting Software

In present, a lot of companies use online software for accounting. These accounting software are very user friendly and effective for small businesses. One of the famous small business accounting software is QuickBooks. You can begin by creating your own company file.  A QuickBooks company file contains all the financial records for your business. It’s … Read more

Freelancing in Dubai

Dubai has one of the most famously dynamic economies in the world. As a rapidly modernizing economy, Dubai is in demand of skilled workers who can quickly produce contract work. Freelancing is becoming more common in the Dubai especially with the younger generation. So if you’d like to settle in and live in Dubai for a … Read more

Signs You Need an Accountant for Your Business

In the early stage of your business, it is not necessary to have an accountant in your business. Many business owners are capable enough to move forward without an accountant up to certain point. If you can handle a basic accounting software and have some knowledge about taxes you will be good to go in … Read more

What’s My Accountant Talking About? A quick guide to accounting jargons.

When you have a meeting with your accountant, most of you may have a problem of understanding the accounting language, he/she speaks. They might tell you that your accruals are higher in the last fiscal year. What does he mean by that? If you have the same thought process, fear not, you are not alone … Read more

Basic Accounting Concepts Every Small Business Owners Should Know

Being a business owner does not necessarily make you understand the accounting. You did not start your business to be an accountant of course. But having understanding about the basic accounting will be an advantage for you to make informative and accurate decisions about your business. In the long run it will help you to … Read more

Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process & procedures used to establish the economic value of a business. There are multiple reasons for the requirement of business valuation. The major reasons for business valuation are: Establish the price of the business in order to sale it due to retirement, health etc. Requirement for funds to expand the … Read more

A quick Accounting Guide for Business Startups

    Starting a business is not easy as one has to take care of everything their own from setting up the business to hiring people to attracting customers for their business. Accounting is one of the major factors that must be given priority when starting a business. After all it is the way that … Read more