Five Steps towards Goal Setting – Step One

Hello there this is Sudeshna helping you find and achieve Goals. Today we will be talking about step one out of five steps towards Goal setting.

Every New Year comes with a New Year Resolution. Goals to achieve big dreams or maybe a short-term goal but very soon we find the goals lay forgotten and we continue in our usual daily routine. It is like Hamster stuck in a wheel.

How do we overcome that? First question is to ask yourself is “what do you really want?” Keeping the end in mind, ask yourself “what do you really want in next 5 years?” Get yourself a Journal write down where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years. If you do this step, you are ahead of 90% people who are not aware of where they want to go. Most people do not even understand a vision, if you are writing down your goals, think that you are ahead of 90% of the population.

One thing to remember here is your goal is something you are passionate about, something you really really want. The science behind it is that your subconscious mind is the emotional mind. Our subconscious mind is our doing mind, it works on the two prime principles:

  1. It will work on what we are emotional about and
  2. It works on repetition.

So, for our Goals to work we need to be emotional, there should be a strong burning desire for it, and we should repeatedly write our goals.

One thing which I do every morning is write my goals twice without fail. This impresses upon the subconscious mind the goals and what actions to be taken.

Here I would like to add, you don’t need to think how you will achieve the goal, just focus on what you want, how in its own time will appear. Be as wild and imaginative you can let nothing stop you. Write down in details what do you want.


After you have written the goals in detail let us go to Step 2 of goal setting. We will talk about the step two in next week and continue this series of blogs.

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