Women in Management in a scholarly review

Let us have a look on women in management according to the researchers.

In today’s world women tend to enter for the labour market and it is reported numerous benefits of being female. According to research, it has been argued that women in certain situations adopt appropriate behaviours and roles adapted to the context in which they operate. In other situations, women have the opportunity to express themselves and operate according to their traditional roles.

According to Zenger & Folkman (2019) women are perceived by their managers, particularly their male managers, to be slightly more effective than men at every hierarchical level and in virtually every functional area of the organization. That includes the traditional male bastions of IT, operations, and legal. According to their research, as mentioned in the chart below, women were rated as excelling in taking initiative, acting with resilience, practicing self-development, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honesty. They were thought to be more effective in 84% of the competencies that we most frequently measure. According to their updated data, men were rated as being better on two capabilities,” develops strategic perspective” and “technical or professional expertise”

In addition, women tend to possess transformational leadership characteristics, those traits that enable them to enact dramatic organizational change through providing a vision and inspiring a sense of purpose in others. Therefore, women have potential to make a change in organizations and go ahead in management. Women also demonstrate characteristics of „super leadership‟, a style in which the leader creates self-direction and self-leadership in followers. It probably come with the nature of woman as they are the ones who raise a family in the outside world

In recent Covid 19 pandemic situation, the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, showed “super leadership” in almost eliminating the virus completely from New Zealand. It is one of the best examples in women leadership while many powerful western countries failed in controlling the pandemic. It further shows that one of the lessons to be learnt from the Covid 19 pandemic might be how world is in desperate need of a greater number of women at the highest level.

It is generally agreed by researchers that interactive style of female managers is different from male managers, and they process well-developed man management practices. Women have the ability to interact with people more than the male managers as they are caring and empathic toward others in nature. According to research, female managers are more determined than male and democratic in management style whereas male managers are more concentrating on financial goals. They are more likely to manage others by offering rewards while their male counterparts are more likely to manage others through punitive measures. In the study that examines gender differences in leadership style, it is found that women emphasize both interpersonal relationships and task accomplishment, whereas their male counterparts focus more intently on the task. Women typically act in ways that are more participative, consultative and egalitarian than their male counterparts. They also tend to display more effective communication and people-management skills. According to research, women who lead in facilitative ways are likely to be accepted and rated highly by both male and female subordinates. And, as a result of these leadership behaviours, individuals who work for women often demonstrate higher levels of performance, job satisfaction, and job commitment

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