You and your relationship with money

We all come into business to earn money. Our primary goal, when starting a business is scaling up and providing job opportunities to the world and fulfill our personal goals yet, if we were to really think about it, we would notice that in reality, it all boils down to money. We work hard, we do our best in our business yet we find that we are just not making enough. Did you ever think that it could perhaps relate to your belief system? Now the biggest question that comes to our mind, “what on Earth is this belief system? What does that to do with me earning more money?” Well, to your surprise it has a profoundly deep connection. Whether they know it or not, those who earn the most more than likely have not only a positive mindset, but a positive belief system about their money altogether.

Let us now discuss what are some of the negative belief systems that you may have, and how it takes you away from your desired monetary goals.

1. I don’t Care about money: Do you hear yourself mentioning this often? Well you would not be the only one. I keep hearing my clients say this over and over again, “It is not about money, I don’t care much about money”. Just think about what type of message this is actually sending out.

2. You need to resort to unfair means to earn money: This is another misconception. You have examples of great philanthropist like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet.

3. Scarcity Mindset: A very common misconception that people may have is that “I am afraid we will not have enough for our retirement if we spend now”. We think we have limited source of income, but can you for a second imagine that there is an unlimited reservoir of money waiting for you? There is a catch though, the reservoir is available to you only when you believe that it truly exists.

4. Childhood learning: Another thing that affects your money is how you were brought up. What were the belief systems of your parents? If you look back far enough, you will notice most of your beliefs with regards to money are actually from your parents.


“Whether you think you can or cannot – You are right.”

                                                                      -Henry Ford-


In a nutshell whenever you spend money you have to consciously tell yourself “I have a reservoir of money”. Be positive about the money you spent, don’t fall into the vicious cycle of the “scarcity mindset”. Of course, that does not mean you should recklessly keep spending without keeping track of your earnings. That is on the other end of the spectrum.

During the day follow your internal dialogue and the dialogues with your friends and family, are you coming from a scarce mentality or from abundance mentality?


“Abundance is  about being rich with or without money”

                                                                    -Suze Orman-


So, what it boils down to is having the abundance mindset. The most challenging part of this is that you may not even be aware of your current mindset. “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Take the first step towards understanding your own mind and its relationship with money. I wish you all the success in terms of your money goals.

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